Sunday, September 4, 2011

Reasons to Poke Someone on Facebook:

Poking a friend on facebook is really a good strategy to improve the relationship to whom which you poke. When you poke someone on facebook, s/he will be notified with the message that you have poked him/her. This notification can also be called a poke alert. Facebook displays the poke alert on their homepage. Poking might be the alternative way of saying hello on facebook. There may be some open questions like what does all these poke means? That is, you poke someone and someone poked you, then what does all these poke means?
If you poke someone on facebook, then s/he may think you care little bit about him/her on facebook. If s/he liked the way you poked, then undoubtedly s/he will respond to your poke and poke back to you. So, this is the alternative way of informing that you care about him/her. But this case is not always true. Some people consider it annoying, others consider it as a form of flirting, and others just use it to get their friend to wake up and start posting updates again. This means that at the moment there's no real accepted "poking etiquette" and people are pretty much making up their own rules.

If you really love someone on facebook or want to have some closer contact, then you can start to get concentration by poking him/her. After a long poking time, it might be easier to say "hello! Finally I got you after a long poking time" when you meet him/her online. And you must surely get some smiley as a respond of your simple hello.
Since "poking" is basically the process of posting a message to your friend's wall to wake them up, flirt or annoy, instead of doing this you can also do the same thing with a simple message. And message "poking" adds a bit of flexibility and fun to the process. When you message someone, this might not be the funny. Messaging someone counts really as a serious matter. But poking someone counts really a funny thing and sounds great.

But poking is not the only way to start some closer relationship. There might be some others way as well.
VK Pandey

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